Hello Friends!

You know that feeling you get right there in your heart when you find that old photo album, or stumble across that folder on your computer with your kids pictures from years ago (so THAT'S where I put them!!)?  Where you stop what you are doing and go though each picture, smiling, laughing, remembering?  I can get caught up for hours looking at photos from the past. I want to make sure I provide those everyday moments for you to look back on.

Leah Hartman Photography specializes in senior portraits, engagements, and family photography. 

This is me.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a wife. a mom. a step-mom. a daughter. a sister. an aunt. a friend.

I am a lover of ALL things chocolate. and hazelnut lattes. and good mexican food. I despise lettuce on my cheeseburger and fruit on my pizza. I don't like to cook and firmly believe that there are more important things to do with that time. But I love to eat and so does my family, so, I cook. mostly mexican food because its easy AND i make a MEAN guacamole.

Volleyball is my sport of choice to play, but on Sundays, you can catch me watching MY Denver Broncos (when they actually air the games here in FL!). I love to sing and am sure I could have that recording contract if they could only hear how I sing in the shower.

I am a true and native Coloradan and it will always be home despite the years and miles between. I adore my huge family and wish I lived closer to them. I am very fond of seasons. and cool weather. and snow. You can find me in sunny South Florida (usually dreaming about cooler days).

I love my Canon camera and love my hubby even more for believing in me enough to let me upgrade BEFORE I had my first paying client. I invest myself in each client session I have. I feel so honored that they choose me take a quick peek into their lives.

This is me.